Display Pirate Ship


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For all those pirate fans out there, fancy creating your own display pirate ship?? You’ll love this project.  Each kit comes with a 3mm plywood blank wooden pirate ship.  With three different coloured mini paint pots for you to design your own pirate ship.  Along with a selection of self adhesive stickers for you to add detail and personalise your ship, making it your own.  Simply paint your ship, add your own design and display.




1 x Wooden pirate ship

2 x Semi circle stands

3 x 3.5ml paints (Brown, Red & Yellow)

1 x Paintbrush

1 x Selection of pirate themed self-adhesive stickers.


Dimensions: Length 15.5cm x Height 16cm

Recommended Age 4+ with adult supervision encouraged 

RDP kit difficulty level 2 = Straight Forward